nedelja, 10. marec 2013

Liebster nagrada

Tudi jaz sem jo dobila, od Tamare. Hvala!

And here is a little about what the award is all about:

This award was designed to be a blog award in the "pay it forward" fashion. Once you've been nominated, you award it to five blogs that you like that have fewer than 200 followers, to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs.

The rules for accepting this award are:

You need to thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award onto your blog. Give the award to five bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this awesome award!

Next you need to PAY IT FORWARD!

Nagrado naprej podelujem:

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Barbi - Gumbek
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- Nataši - kRaFtaRiJe
Sandri - Moje igrarije

2 komentarja:

mtka uri pravi ...

ooooh, hvala :)

Tina pravi ...

Tole sem pa jaz čist spregledala! Hvala!